New Approach to Security Stops All Browser-Borne Malware Attacks Before Entering the Corporate Network

Spikes Security shifts security focus from detection to isolation, guaranteeing prevention of all browser-borne malware attacks

Campbell, Calif. – February 25, 2014 – Spikes Security, the leader in isolation-based security, today announced its official company launch and the general availability of AirGap Enterprise, an isolated browsing system built to completely prevent malware from entering the corporate network.

“Enterprise organizations are facing a big problem. The productivity tool that could arguably be considered their most important application—the web browser—is also the primary threat vector for cyber attacks,” said CEO Branden Spikes, the founder of Spikes Security and former CIO of PayPal and SpaceX. “Enterprise customers are increasingly frustrated by detection-based technologies that are unable to identify complex zero-day attacks until after the infection has occurred.”

Gone are the days when a gateway security appliance or endpoint antivirus product could simply match a threat against its database of known attack signatures. Sandboxes and micro VMs on the endpoint are an improvement, but they introduce unnecessary deployment complexity and still carry the risk of malware escaping endpoint containers. “We believe that the architecture and isolation capabilities of AirGap Enterprise provides the most secure, least complex, and highest performance solution to the browser malware problem,” added Spikes.

Isolation is the New Prevention – Introducing Air Gap Enterprise

The Spikes Security AirGap Enterprise solution physically separates and isolates the web browser from the user on a specialized server outside the firewall. Web content is accessed through a lightweight client viewer, which communicates with the AirGap server. The server creates a hardware-isolated VM for each user session, processes all web user requests on behalf of the client, then delivers a fully rendered, fully encrypted version of the content to the end user. Performance is also optimized to ensure excellent UX – even for video and audio content. This innovative approach to security includes the following security benefits:

  • Physical isolation - AirGap delivers true network and hardware isolation from malware, resulting in the most secure application delivery technology possible
  • Connection isolation - All communications between client and server is managed through a proprietary, encrypted connection that cannot be exploited by any malware
  • Session isolation - Each user web session is launched and executed within its own hardware-isolated VM, then destroyed after each session is completed
  • Malware isolation – If malware reaches the AirGap server, it remains isolated in the VM, with no access to any resources or network connections, and is destroyed after the session is completed.

“Spikes Security has developed what appears to be a truly different, innovative approach to Web security,” said Dan Kusnetzky, founder, The Kusnetzky Group. “By positioning its AirGap software outside the firewall to isolate potentially malicious traffic and transform content from an active to a display format, it has found a way to block intruders from getting inside corporate networks.”

Spikes Security has been working with nearly two dozen beta customers, who have seen the value of deploying isolation technology within their enterprise security architecture. Nearly all of these customers are planning production deployments in 2014.

If you are attending RSA and would like to visit with Spikes Security and see AirGap in action, please use the contact information below to schedule a meeting at the Hotel Nikko at 222 Mason Street, San Francisco, CA 94102.

About Spikes

Spikes Security, founded by former PayPal and SpaceX CIO Branden Spikes, solves the biggest security threat facing enterprise today: browser malware. Employees get hacked by simply visiting infected websites, even legitimate sites, that open a door into a company's networks. Spikes Security provides the only effective prevention from attacks through the browser while still providing a high quality user experience. Spikes AirGap™ Enterprise is available for Windows and Mac OS in the current release. For more information, visit

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