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Stop Detecting – Start Isolating

Use the web fearlessly, as it was intended to be used.

Why Your Business Needs AirGap

Every business is a target for cyber attacks, and the web browser is a primary attack vector. Traditional detection-based technologies are becoming ineffective in stopping these attacks. But the AirGap browser isolation system can prevent all browser-borne malware from entering your network. Learn more about this costly problem and the AirGap solution.

How to Request a Demo or POC

AirGap is one of the most innovative security solutions available today. To experience its value to your business, you should request an online demo or a 30-day evaluation system for testing within your corporate network. To apply for an evaluation system, please complete our online form. You will receive a response within 24 hours.
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Industry Perspectives:

“Web security is saturated with solutions which get you almost there. Spikes Security has overcome the technical challenges which have prevented us from getting all the way there.”Harry Haramis, CEO, C2 Company
" Spikes Security has developed what appears to be a truly different, innovative approach to Web security." Dan Kusnetzky, ZDnet
"True network & hardware isolation is the core attribute of Isolate technology which makes AirGap the one of the most secure application delivery technology possible." CIO Review
"Of all the products we tested, AirGap is the most unique and the most capable in terms of security." Network World, April 2014
"AirGap is the most recent, diverse and exciting browser system to hit the market." Eli Mattson - Socialdriver.com
"The concept of AirGap is a simple one and should be completely effective at preventing attacks that come through Web browsers." Osterman Research, July 2014

Spikes Security is recognized as an innovator and emerging leader in delivering game-changing network security solutions for enterprise and government markets.

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Ready to Eliminate Browser-Borne Malware?

Join the growing number of businesses that have deployed AirGap to isolate and eliminate browser-borne malware, and empower employees with the freedom to safely leverage the power of the Web. Please contact us using the form below. You will receive a personal response in 24 hours or less.