What it was like in the Founder Institute?

September, 19, 2012 Branden Spikes

People often ask me, after hearing I joined the Founder Institute for the summer Silicon Valley session, "what was it like?"  

"Totally awesome." is my common response.  You see, I believe I am an example of the ideal student of the Founder Institute.   First, I came into the program with a great idea, a deep knowledge of its market, and a solid plan to make money.  Second, I brought a personal brand, a business acumen, and tech savvy to effectively soak up the advice.  But most importantly, I checked my ego at the door, bravely asked stupid questions, and willingly made a fool of myself.

Every session was packed with lessons I needed to learn.  The mentors who gave talks every week were incredible, helpful, and inspiring.  It's like getting a industry-specific MBA custom tailored to your business in four months, which, it turns out, is pretty helpful to a guy without a college degree.  They don't bother with theory, only real substance and hard facts behind actual steps to success. The resulting graduation from the Institute has me armed to the teeth with entrepreneurial weapons of mass disruption.

Branden Spikes, CEO CTO and Founder, Spikes Security

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