We're losing the cyber war.

September, 10, 2012 Branden Spikes

Recently had the pleasure of reading Marcus Ranum's series on Cyberwar, and it made me think a lot about how we're really losing this war.  The fact that many of us are beginning to make long term plans which are based on an expectation that getting hacked is just a fact of life indicates to me we desperately need a radical solution.

Evidence of the fact we're losing this cyber war is seen in the reaction of the experts on the subject in the US government:   

Gen. Keith B. Alexander, head of the military's Cyber Command, called the continuing, rampant cybertheft "the greatest transfer of wealth in history."

Richard Clarke, special adviser to the president for cybersecurity reported that "China has hacked every major US company."

Now if only some company would come out with a game changing security product....

Branden Spikes, CEO CTO and Founder, Spikes Security

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