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October, 22, 2014 Branden Spikes

Today we brighten everyone's future, and perhaps ours here at Spikes Security a little extra, as we become better able to protect the glorious potential of the Internet. Our promising, disruptive, and important cyber security startup is getting a lot stronger. These last couple of years have been edge-of-our-seat exciting and now our tireless efforts to prove, sell, and develop our technology are paying off. Now we are celebrating a strong endorsement by our venture partners and announcing that we have closed more than $11M in Series A funding!

The work we are doing is crucial and could not be happening at a better time. Every morning I wake up excited to get to work and continue these efforts to protect the unhindered freedom and flow of online information we all take for granted. I began this venture out of a sense of responsibility, as I could see that government regulation and draconian control of the internet was looming over the horizon even here in the United States as a result of rampant cybercrime. And I could make a difference. I worried that, if unsolved, the constant widespread exploitation of browser vulnerabilities will lead to IP and financial losses too great for even the world's greatest economies to ignore. And further, I worried that without a grass roots shift in the way we surf the web, it would be fundamentally impossible achieve security while using our browsers. Since the browser is simultaneously the most strategically important, and ubiquitous, while also the most vulnerable application there is, it represents the beachhead of over 90 percent of network breaches today. So with the greatest team I could assemble, and the most groundbreaking approaches and leading edge technologies, Spikes Security is embarking on one of the most difficult but important challenges of our time – preventing all browser-borne malware and drive-by attacks in the enterprise. Success here will begin a positive change in the way the way we use the web, and save it from irreversible harm.

With this important next step in our company's evolution, the work Spikes Security is doing will pick up the pace, and solve browser malware for a broader audience. We'll develop our isolation technology to the heights of capability I have long envisioned, and spread the word that it is possible to have both security and convenience online.

Branden Spikes, CEO CTO and Founder, Spikes Security

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