The Great Debate: What Should We Do About the Flash Problem?

September, 21, 2015   Franklyn Jones

Since presidential candidate debates are all the rage these days, it might be cool to ask all the candidates another politically charged question: "What is your policy regarding the use of Flash content in the web browsers of American citizens?" I have no idea how Donald Trump would respond to ...

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LogJam bug exposes encrypted browser data

May, 21, 2015     Branden Spikes

A new flaw in encrypted browser traffic dubbed "LogJam" has been revealed which, like BREACH and FREAK before it, exposes encrypted data to man-in-the-middle snooping. This is a great opportunity ...

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Proud to Be a Cool Vendor!

May, 12, 2015     Branden Spikes

Today, we are pleased to announce that Spikes Security has been named a Gartner 2015 Cool Vendor in Security Infrastructure Protection. Being recognized as a Cool Vendor is an important accomplishment ...

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The Big Leagues

October, 22, 2014     Branden Spikes

Today we brighten everyone's future, and perhaps ours here at Spikes Security a little extra, as we become better able to protect the glorious potential of the Internet. Our promising, ...

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Why AirGap is More Secure Than an Air-Gapped Architecture

August, 01, 2014     Franklyn Jones

Anyone involved in securing corporate networks would agree that we are continually facing a clear and present danger of advanced malware attacks capable of penetrating defenses, infecting endpoint devices, and ...

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Banks and Bullseyes

July, 23, 2014     Franklyn Jones

It's probably not good to be a bank right now. Actually, it's probably not good to have money in a bank right now either. A couple of recent news items ...

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Gartner Agrees - It's Time for Isolation!

June, 27, 2014     Franklyn Jones

If you've been following Spikes Security, you already know that our AirGap web security solution uses an innovative isolation technology to prevent all cyber attacks delivered through web browsers. It's ...

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The Secret Lie of Web Security

June, 03, 2014     Franklyn Jones

There are so many news stories about new cyber attacks, week after week, that it doesn't take long before your eyes start to glaze over when another comes along. So, ...

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The reality of malicious code and virtualization solutions

October, 03, 2013     Scott Martin

Even with my experience in the IT/InfoSec industry, I'm frequently amazed by the new and innovative lengths people go to with existing, old tools to try to protect their ...

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Black Hat 2013 was a success!

August, 08, 2013     Branden Spikes

A great time was had by all!  It was both exciting and reassuring for the Spikes team to see innovative advancements in cybersecurity at Blackhat 2013.   From advanced firewalls ...

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Closing the Front Door on Cyberattacks

July, 02, 2013     Branden Spikes

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) will be holding their 3rd Cybersecurity Framework Workshop from July 10-12 in San Diego, California to discuss Executive Order 13636, which deals with "...

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Hackers are doing our marketing for us!

May, 02, 2013     Branden Spikes

Tuesday evening the US Department of Labor's website got hacked, and served up malware!  People often get a false sense of security and think "I won't get hacked if ...

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Actionable intelligence

March, 31, 2013     Branden Spikes

There's some really good actionable intelligence in this report from Palo Alto Networks.  I'm really pleased with the effort, and authoring of the content too, these guys really get ...

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Big Problem - No Solutions?

February, 05, 2013     John Rees

February 5, 2013 It is astonishing that after 10 years of cyber criminals breaching corporate, government and personal data:  we are just now being inundated with news of cyber crime and are ...

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NYTimes hacked by China, handles it properly.

February, 03, 2013     Branden Spikes

I think it's pretty cool that NYTimes discovered hackers and then proceeded to hire a security firm to surreptitiously track the intruders.  I think many people would have ...

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Great article on debunking false sense of security.

January, 18, 2013     Branden Spikes

Roger Grimes wrote a great article over at InfoWorld about the popular IT security practices which "just don't work."  This echoes the preaching I find myself doing on ...

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Latest Spikes Newsletter

January, 18, 2013     Branden Spikes

Check out our latest newsletter over at Mailchimp, boom! Europe's security authority, the ENISA came forward this week with the news that this threat is growing ...

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The top security threat of 2013: the web browser.

January, 11, 2013     Branden Spikes

Something I've been preaching for a couple years, but is finally getting some well-deserved recognition among security authorities is that drive-by malware from web links is the #1 threat facing ...

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45% Of All Browsers Unpatched

January, 03, 2013     John Rees

According to a recent study, approximately 45% of people surfing the Internet were not utilizing the most secure version of their web browser.  Like other software, without the appropriate security ...

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Epic fail - Cisco runs public RDP server on internal network.

October, 22, 2012     Branden Spikes

Fellow security blogger Brian Krebs posted today about how easy and inexpensive it is for hackers to find hacked servers at Fortune 500 companies.  I don't know about the rest ...

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Is the problem with IE, or with browsing in general?

September, 18, 2012     Branden Spikes

I recently read an article on Arstechnica which Clearly points to a need for a solution which doesn't involve updated AV signatures and less use of the exploited browser de ...

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Cookie Authentication = Dangerous

September, 17, 2012     Branden Spikes

This new SSL vulnerability, which affects only people using Chrome on websites using SSL encryption compression, could lead to people getting their online accounts hacked.  How big of ...

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We're losing the cyber war.

September, 10, 2012     Branden Spikes

Recently had the pleasure of reading Marcus Ranum's series on Cyberwar, and it made me think a lot about how we're really losing this war.  The fact that ...

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Is it just as illegal to hack with a conscience?

September, 10, 2012     Branden Spikes

I recently read about this 2.5 year prison sentence for a hacker who ran and and rented access to his huge botnet.  Got me thinking, I wonder if he'd have ...

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