Official Launch of AirGap and the Mac Client!

October, 07, 2013 Branden Spikes

Spikes has officially launched AirGap Enterprise for the SMB space! AirGap formerly known as the Spikes Browser, is based on AirGapped technology, where the browser is physically separated from the enterprise's network.  The browsing system is purpose built for extreme security, user-intuitive manageability and sustained high performance in the SMB enterprise market.    With the rising cost and frequency of malware attacks, the ROI on AirGap would be huge for any enterprise- which takes us to our second big piece of news!

The Mac AirGap for Enterprise has also officially deployed!  Mac users can now fully enjoy the benefits of a truly secure browser without having to open a virtualized Windows session on their Mac.  Mac AirGap users will enjoy the same great UI/UX, easy management tools, and the same level of uncompromising security offered on the Windows version.  Contact us for more info on AirGap for Mac.

Branden Spikes, CEO CTO and Founder, Spikes Security

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