What ObamaCare could mean for your web browser

November, 12, 2013   Jonathan

Fake websites designed to steal your identity or empty your bank accounts are nothing new. However, the uncertainty surrounding new programs that fall under the umbrella of the Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, have presented an unusually large and easy target for phishing scams and malicious websites. With registration being ...

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NYTimes hacked by China, handles it properly.

February, 03, 2013     Branden Spikes

I think it's pretty cool that NYTimes discovered hackers and then proceeded to hire a security firm to surreptitiously track the intruders.  I think many people would have ...

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Cybercrime going mobile...

January, 03, 2013     John Rees

Mobile devices and Social Media platforms are becoming hacker focus points. Cybercriminals are constantly changing their tactics to target both these fast-growing platforms where consumers are less aware of security ...

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Is it just as illegal to hack with a conscience?

September, 10, 2012     Branden Spikes

I recently read about this 2.5 year prison sentence for a hacker who ran and and rented access to his huge botnet.  Got me thinking, I wonder if he'd have ...

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