Gartner top 10 list of 2016 information security technologies

June, 16, 2016 Branden Spikes

Kudos to Gartner for a great top 10 list of 2016 information security technologies that includes the emerging new tech known as "Remote Browser." It is a new concept for many, founded on the principal understanding that web browsers are not trustworthy applications. Those who wish to keep secure should not allow browsers to render web content locally, and Gartner recognizes this by encouraging security organizations to adopt remote browser technology in 2016.

"Most attacks start by targeting end-users with malware delivered via email, URLs or malicious websites. An emerging approach to address this risk is to remotely present the browser session from a "browser server" (typically Linux based) running on-premises or delivered as a cloud-based service. By isolating the browsing function from the rest of the endpoint and corporate network, malware is kept off of the end-user's system and the enterprise has significantly reduced the surface area for attack by shifting the risk of attack to the server sessions, which can be reset to a known good state on every new browsing session, tab opened or URL accessed."
- Neil MacDonald, vice president, distinguished analyst and Gartner Fellow Emeritus.

As Spikes Security has been an early pioneer of Remote Browsers since 2012, and with myself working on it since 2008, I have been spreading the word far and wide for a long time, and am proud when I see the message carried further by the industry experts and its premier analysts. As a result of our engineering and trailblazing, our Isla product is by far the most secure and advanced option out there. If you're an IT security expert you've got to check this out.

Branden Spikes Founder, CTO, Spikes Security


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