Gartner Agrees - It's Time for Isolation!

June, 27, 2014 Franklyn Jones

If you've been following Spikes Security, you already know that our AirGap web security solution uses an innovative isolation technology to prevent all cyber attacks delivered through web browsers. It's a radically different approach because – unlike nearly every other security product – AirGap does not rely on any detection technologies to guess if traffic is good or bad. Instead, AirGap assumes everything is bad and isolates it all in a secure container outside your network.

Clearly, isolation technology is something we believe in and feel passionate about. So you can imagine how pleased we were to see this press release issued by Gartner, which highlights the "Top 10 Technologies for Information Security in 2014." The release included this specific commentary on isolation:

Containment and Isolation as a Foundational Security Strategy
In a world where signatures are increasingly ineffective in stopping attacks, an alternative strategy is to treat everything that is unknown as untrusted and isolate its handling and execution so that it cannot cause permanent damage to the system it is running on and cannot be used as a vector for attacks on other enterprise systems. Virtualization, isolation, abstraction and remote presentation techniques can be used to create this containment so that, ideally, the end result is similar to using a separate "air-gapped" system to handle untrusted content and applications. Virtualization and containment strategies will become a common element of a defense-in-depth protection strategy for enterprise systems, reaching 20 percent adoption by 2016 from nearly no widespread adoption in 2014.

It's particularly interesting to note Gartner's expectation that isolation will become an important component of enterprise defense-in-depth strategies in the coming years. This seems very logical – in fact, essential – given the results of the recent FireEye research report I discussed in my Albert Einstein's Perspective blog of May 21. That report revealed that 97 percent of enterprises currently employing a traditional defense-in-depth strategy (based on detection technologies) have been hacked. Designing browser isolation technology into gateway security architectures would immediately shut down all cyber attacks targeting web browsers.

It's time to think differently about network security and embrace innovative technologies that will deliver the protection your business deserves.

Franklyn Jones, CMO, Spikes Security

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