Pwn2Own 2016 - The Results are In: Browsers Are Still Not Secure

March, 18, 2016   Franklyn Jones

The annual Pwn2Own hacking event, held each year at CanSecWest in Vancouver, is the very definition of geek fun. Imagine white hat teams from all over the world coming together with the singular goal of competing for significant cash prizes by hacking into the latest versions of "secure" web ...

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Here’s When It’s Not Good to Be a Member of the 1%

February, 17, 2016     Franklyn Jones

In case you missed it, Panda Security recently released a great report that summarizes the continued growth of malware and cyber attacks that the company tracked and recorded globally in 2015. ...

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The Jaw-Dropping Financial Impact of Cyber Threats

December, 07, 2015     Franklyn Jones

If you're a CISO, CFO, or CIO, you better sit down for this. According to recent research published by Markets and Markets, you and your peers in organizations worldwide are ...

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The Great Debate: What Should We Do About the Flash Problem?

September, 21, 2015     Franklyn Jones

Since presidential candidate debates are all the rage these days, it might be cool to ask all the candidates another politically charged question: "What is your policy regarding the use ...

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Rombertik - When Detection Leads to Destruction

May, 05, 2015     Franklyn Jones

An interesting article just published in Security Week highlights some great new investigative work by the Cisco security team. It has to do with Rombertik, an impressive piece of malware ...

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How One Guy Hacked Google Chrome in Two Minutes

March, 24, 2015     Franklyn Jones

The annual Pwn2Own hacking event, sponsored each year by HP, took place again last week at the CanSecWest 2015 in Vancouver. As usual, all major browsers- including Chrome, Internet Explorer, ...

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New Security Report: It's All About Pain, Desperation, and Resistance

February, 02, 2015     Franklyn Jones

I'm pleased to announce that, in cooperation with the Ponemon Institute, we have just published a new research report that I think you'll find very interesting. The focus of the ...

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Security Appliance Tests - What We're Learning About Threat Prevention

January, 14, 2015     Franklyn Jones

In my last blog, I highlighted some interesting research in a new report published by Delta Testing in the UK. In case you missed that, they tested several different, well-known ...

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Tis The Season To Be Hacked

December, 05, 2014     Franklyn Jones

I know this is supposed to be a happy time of year where the focus shifts to family, friends, and the holidays. But I have some bad news – and then ...

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Influenza, Malware, and the $10B Price Tag We All Pay

November, 11, 2014     Franklyn Jones

Yup, flu season is just around the corner. And before you know it, we'll all be complaining about headaches, fevers, runny noses, blah, blah, blah. It's the same story every ...

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A Banking Cyber Attack Using 500,000 PCs?

October, 10, 2014     Franklyn Jones

Did you hear about this - a botnet of nearly half-a-million PCs, all carefully infected and focused on attacking banking web sites across the US and Europe. It's true, and ...

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New Report: Is IT Losing Confidence In Its Security Architecture?

September, 11, 2014     Franklyn Jones

More than half of IT organizations admit they aren't sure if their networks have already been breached by an advanced malware attack. If a breach did happen, nearly 50% are not ...

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How to Create a Malware Market - And How to Stop It

August, 12, 2014     Franklyn Jones

There was a great article published this week on CSO Online that described the evolution of a black market for malware kits. The article was written almost like a case ...

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Why AirGap is More Secure Than an Air-Gapped Architecture

August, 01, 2014     Franklyn Jones

Anyone involved in securing corporate networks would agree that we are continually facing a clear and present danger of advanced malware attacks capable of penetrating defenses, infecting endpoint devices, and ...

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Banks and Bullseyes

July, 23, 2014     Franklyn Jones

It's probably not good to be a bank right now. Actually, it's probably not good to have money in a bank right now either. A couple of recent news items ...

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Gartner Agrees - It's Time for Isolation!

June, 27, 2014     Franklyn Jones

If you've been following Spikes Security, you already know that our AirGap web security solution uses an innovative isolation technology to prevent all cyber attacks delivered through web browsers. It's ...

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The Secret Lie of Web Security

June, 03, 2014     Franklyn Jones

There are so many news stories about new cyber attacks, week after week, that it doesn't take long before your eyes start to glaze over when another comes along. So, ...

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Groundhog Day – Ten Years and Counting

May, 28, 2014     Franklyn Jones

You remember the movie. Bill Murray gets caught in an endless time loop where he relives the same day over and over and over again. Despite his daily efforts to ...

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A New FireEye Report and Albert Einstein's Perspective

May, 21, 2014     Franklyn Jones

A New FireEye Report and Albert Einstein's Perspective FireEye just published another good report on what is REALLY happening in corporate networks today. It's based on network data captured by ...

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