Emerging Technology Changes the Game

November, 24, 2012 John Rees

With emergence of new technology comes the emergence of new solutions.
The Internet Security market is exploding with new solutions. Now that many have accepted that one of the greatest threat vectors facing them today is the web we are beginning to see companies address this problem.

Whether the purpose of these attacks is to steal intellectual property or financial information it is clear that this threat is costing corporations billions. Industry thought leaders and financial visionaries are beginning to see the emerging business opportunity associated with securing the estimated 60,000,000 unsecured corporate browsers running in the US everyday.

Todays internet security solutions require high performance and scalability to meet the needs of its demanding enterprise audience. The technology that makes this possible is just now being developed and I expect this trend will continue. Without discovering and then embracing cutting edge emerging technology the market will continue to fall short of the goal of 100% secure. In today's financial climate the trend seems to be building point security solutions utilizing legacy technology to address cost concerns. We see both start ups and large estsblished security companies following this model. Is this not a fundamental flaw?

What do you think......we would like to know.


Keep informed.