Cybercrime going mobile...

January, 03, 2013 John Rees

Mobile devices and Social Media platforms are becoming hacker focus points. Cybercriminals are constantly changing their tactics to target both these fast-growing platforms where consumers are less aware of security risks. This fast-paced change has impacted individuals with loss of data, identities and finances to name a few. Large developing nations like India have been dramatically effected by this trend. According to a recent Norton Cybercrime report, it is estimated that 1.5 million people fall victim to cybercrime every day.

Another report stated that "conflicts between nations, organizations and individuals will play a key role in the cyber world." In 2013, we will see the cyber equivalent of saber rattling, where nation states, organisations and even groups of individuals will use cyber attacks to show their strength and "send a message". The cybercriminal's greatest exploit is now the internet browser or mobile internet connected devices. Because mobile devices for the most part serve a collection of internet connected mobile applications and browsing tools either native to the application or an traditional browser like Chrome or Safari they are inherently vulnerable to attacks whenever they are powered up.

With the escalation of BYOD movement within corporations and with business being done on mobile smart phones there is a clear need for a security application to protect individuals and corporations from this growing threat. 

Keep informed.