Have a LivingSocial account? Time to change your password!

April, 29, 2013   Branden Spikes

In a recent cyber-heist, 50 million encrypted passwords were stolen from LivingSocial last week.  Since it takes a week or two to hack stolen encrypted passwords you can bet this week will be full of unauthorized account hijacking across the web, as people shared the ...

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NATO says cybercrime against civilian targets could justify a "Conventional Response" from government.

March, 20, 2013     Branden Spikes

Hackers, don't hack hospitals or power grids.  If you cause any loss of life or significant property damage it could be considered an act which justifies military or "conventional ...

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Big Problem - No Solutions?

February, 05, 2013     John Rees

February 5, 2013 It is astonishing that after 10 years of cyber criminals breaching corporate, government and personal data:  we are just now being inundated with news of cyber crime and are ...

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Cybercrime going mobile...

January, 03, 2013     John Rees

Mobile devices and Social Media platforms are becoming hacker focus points. Cybercriminals are constantly changing their tactics to target both these fast-growing platforms where consumers are less aware of security ...

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Cookie Authentication = Dangerous

September, 17, 2012     Branden Spikes

This new SSL vulnerability, which affects only people using Chrome on websites using SSL encryption compression, could lead to people getting their online accounts hacked.  How big of ...

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