NYTimes hacked by China, handles it properly.

February, 03, 2013 Branden Spikes

I think it's pretty cool that NYTimes discovered hackers and then proceeded to hire a security firm to surreptitiously track the intruders.  I think many people would have just freaked out and shut off the hacker's access in a knee-jerk reaction, thus alarming them that it's time to cover their tracks.  NYTimes did the right thing here, and traced back to the source and gathered key intel before closing the door, discovering all traces lead to China.  The Times posted a great article on their findings, worth checking out.

I wonder if NYTimes will tell the world next how they let the hackers in.  Of course, you know my bet is their employee browsers played the biggest (if not only) role in the intrusions, but it begs the question as well, did NYTimes use Barracuda Networks gear?

Barracuda's recent bad press shows what I describe as an inexcusable breach that warrants a lifetime ban of Barracuda.  If they were to blame for this, maybe a lifetime ban isn't punishment enough.  Comments?


Branden Spikes, CEO CTO and Founder, Spikes Security

Branden Spikes - February 03 2013

Looks like the Washington Post has come forward as well saying they were hacked by China.

Keep informed.